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Mold in Your Attic and on Your Roofline
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Mold in Attics or Rooflines

Mold in the attic or roofline can occur due to a multitude of problems in the building: faulty roof ventilation, leaks, excessive humidity, renovations past and present, building wall construction, mechanical system failures, negative ventilation occurring in the home, amount of people living/working in the building, mechanical systems in the attic, etc....

Many calls about attic and roofline mold center upon immediately removing the offending odor or unsightly mold (fungus) which is accumulating on the roofline areas and in the attic space.  The conventional thought is: I see mold, I must get rid of it as soon as possible.  It is important to understand, that the immediate removal of mold in the attic space without performing an environmental (mold) test to determine the problem is akin to throwing money out your windows.  Sure, your attic will look good for about 6 months to a year, but once the mold fighting ability of the anti-fungal chemicals have aged to the point where they no longer work, the mold will come back more virulent than ever and more likely than not, will have transferred to another part of your home. 

Envirotest started it's mold testing 24 years ago by diagnosing the effects of the building environment on the roofline and determining the cause of the problem to prevent future mold issues from occurring.   We have more experience in roofline/attic mold and have performed more mold tests in attics and on rooflines than any firm in New England if not the country and we can and will solve your roofline / attic mold issues.

Once the causative problems have been solved, the mold can then be successfully removed and will not occur again or cause further damage to your attic, roofline, building or your health.  Envirotest is familiar in all methods of repairing and remediating mold in attics.  Envirotest will recommend the quickest, most cost effective and cutting edge methods of remediating the mold in your attic.  We can also assist you and be your liaison during the entire remediation process to ensure that all recomendations are followed correctly. 

Please call us to schedule an appointment to diagnose your building mold problems as soon possible, the tests we perform are non-invasive, quick, precise and cost effective.  

We get many calls that start out with "I don't want to do any testing, just get it out of my attic".  If you fall into this category, Envirotest has partnered up with a company that can assist you in this procedure.  Please go to WWW.MOLDINATTIC.NET to find out how you can remove the mold in your attic quickly, safely, effectively and permanently.
Feel free to use the form below so that we can get back to you and answer any questions or concerns about this important issue occurring now and growing exponetially above your head.  

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